What Our Members Say

Dr. Kunal Sukhija, Kaweah Delta Hospital, Visalia CA

Physicians must work together to ensure medicine continues to serve patients first – participation in local and national medical societies is the only way to accomplish this.

Dr. Kunal Sukhija
Kaweah Delta Hospital, Visalia CA

James W. Foxe, M.D.

I am a member of TCMS because the medical society is a place where all physicians in the county can come together and discuss the issues that affect us all and then act as a group to affect changes for the good of our patients and the physicians caring for them. The CMA allows us to bring our issues to the state and national arena. The social interaction at fun activities is also very important to me as those of us in a smaller group setting can often feel isolated and cut off from our colleagues. The sense of community is perhaps the greatest benefit of membership.

James W. Foxe, M.D.

Dr. Thomas Danglish, Family Medicine, Visalia Family Practice

TCMS works side by side with physicians to help ensure their voice is heard both at the state and federal level which is critical to ensuring we provide the best care possible for our patients.

Dr. Thomas Danglish
Family Medicine, Visalia Family Practice