Member Benefits

Locally through MSTKC you are eligible for: 

As of Jan. 1, 2019 - * Students & Residents are eligible for the $400 reimbursement benefit after attending 4 Medical Society Events

Effective July 20, 2020 - Alternative Events for Residents & Students to attend to qualify for Medical Society benefits


By joining the Medical Society of Tulare and Kings County, you’re joining a network of more than 40,000 physicians state-wide unified in support of the medical profession.  Members have access to a myriad of resources and services to promote the well-being of our physician members and improve the delivery of quality healthcare to your patients.

Member Benefits Include

  1. 24/7 Member Support
    The MSTKC is here for you when you need us.
  2. Local and Legislative Advocacy
    Through the larger network of the California Medical Association (CMA), the MSTKC represents the interests of organized medicine to policy-makers in Tulare and Kings County and at the state legislature.
  3. Updates to the latest news affecting the delivery of care
    Stay informed through the MSTKC Physician magazine, email newsletters, and alerts.
  4. Access to Preferred Partners
    The MSTKC partners with businesses partners that assist in driving our mission and give our members the tools they need to succeed. 
  5. Legal Services
    Access to legal support staff and more than 5,000 pages of information in CMA’s On-Call Online Health Library.
  1. Billing Assistance
    Receive expert help with physician reimbursement and medical billing issues.
  2. Practice Resources
    Access resources to maintain an efficient medical practice.
  3. Education Resources
    Attend in-person seminars, or view on-demand webinars for CME credit.
  4. Leadership Opportunities
    The MSTKC encourages the professional growth of our members by offering opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors, committees, MSTKC’s delegation to the CMA House of Delegates, and other leadership positions.
  5. Networking and Educational Events
    Make connections with local peers at MSTKC hosted educational and social events throughout the year.


When you join MSTKC you also become a member of CMA... together we are stronger. 

Both MSTKC and CMA are aggressively defending the practice of medicine in California and fighting to ensure that individual physicians can run successful medical practices. 

Health Care advocacy...We protect patients by insisting that proper training be requires for any changes to scope practice and we are the predominant defender for the critical protections provided by MICRA. 

—Without MICRA studies have shown that system wide health care costs would increase in CA by $9.9 billion annually. 

—Additionally states with caps on noneconomic damages were 17.3% smaller than states without caps. The impact of caps on general surgery and OB/GYN premiums was lager, 20.7% and 25.5%.