Tulare County Medical PAC

Physician standing in doorway.The Medical Society of Tulare and Kings County PAC supports local candidates and legislators who effectively advocate on behalf of patients and physicians. The health care system in California is highly regulated and subject to a myriad of special interest groups that frequently work to interfere and complicate the physician patient relationship. It is important to have a strong political voice to effectively communicate with our legislators and potential legislators.

Working hand in hand with CALPAC, the California Medical Association and their talented lobbyists, the Tulare and Kings County PAC will assure that local physicians have a meaningful voice in Sacramento. Whether it is scope of practice, medical liability or health care reform physicians need to have their voices heard. The Medical Society of Tulare and Kings County PAC and the dedicated leadership of the Medical Society of Tulare and Kings County allow local physicians to have a respected and trusted presence with our local representatives.